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Video Production

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Video Production
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Different video types to fit your business needs


Together, we’ll find the right way to reach your audience and that also means create the right type of video.



Short video (7 to 30 seconds) that captures the attention of your target audience with a hook, strong images and dynamic editing


Sales / Marketing / HR

Medium length video (1 to 3+ minutes) focused on a thoughtful and persuasive message, accompanied by memorable images.


Sales / Training

Serves to simplify complex concepts by making information clear and improve understanding and engagement.

Study case

Sales / Marketing / HR

Promote the success of your customers in order to build the reputation of your brand. It demonstrates the effectiveness of your product or services and practical application examples.

Corporate message

Management / Communication

Communicate important messages effectively: entrepreneurial initiative, financial results, announcement, etc. The video must support the strategic angle and be executed with skill.
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process that gives you results and peace of mind

Whether you need a new lab built from scratch, an existing space renovated or expanded, we have the expertise to deliver the best results. Here’s how we work.



A project strategy is essential to the success of our business relationship. It allows us to clarify objectives, define the target audience and optimize the resources at our disposal. In the form of a short workshop, we identify together the visual style, the narrative framework to follow and measurable success criterias. This approach strengthens the quality of results and stimulates collaboration



With us, the same people develop the strategy and manage your project. This unique approach ensures that every nuance, discussed during the project launch, is reflected in your final product. Our creative team is a harmonious blend of experienced professionals and young talents. This combination promotes creativity, efficiency and impact.



When you choose marketers who specialize in video production, you get innovative distribution strategies and expertise in all aspects of production. This includes various formats, image selection, titles, subtitles, meta descriptions, distribution plans and media placement purchasing. In short, you have a partner dedicated to the performance of your videos, the optimization of your online presence and the enhancement of your brand image.

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