The Division /

We help leaders create and share memorable stories.

A separate unit within a company, the division is responsible for a specific product or service. Because it operates independently and has its own resources, divisions help improve efficiency, focus and accountability.

We are partners

Beyond our video projects, we are in business to build strong and positive relationships.

We are meticulous

Excellence lies in the details. When you pair insightful planning with clear communication and experience, you can increase quality while actually shortening deadlines and lowering costs.

We are troopers

Positivity is a catalyst for creativity and productivity. Every day we try to infuse this in our work and our communications. For us, it’s just as important to do a good job than it is to be a good person 🙂

The Team /

The people that want your success and will be dedicated to it.

General Director

Benjamin Beauregard

Production Manager

Jacynthe Bouchard

Creative Director / Animator

Martin BĂ©dard

Post Production Director

Genseric Boyle-Poirier

marketing and ad buying strategist

Vincent Beaupré

Animator / Graphic Designer

Estelle Frechette

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Thanks so much and again, I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Natalie Nimchand


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Benjamin Beauregard - CEO Divison X
Benjamin Beauregard

General Director