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We help leaders create and share memorable stories.

We succeed by being intentional in our choice of values. We believe they have a fundamental impact on the quality of our work, our clients’ results, and the type of people who want to join our company. Beyond the words you read here, our processes, weekly meetings, and annual evaluations are all centered around these values. Choosing Division X means choosing people who believe in a strong and specific work ethic.

We are craftspeople

Underlying value:

Our motto:
Be the person your younger self would look up to.

We are partners

Underlying value:

Our motto:
“We are in business to build strong and positive relationships. Be present, exercise good judgment, and keep your word.

We are truthtellers

Underlying value:

Our motto:
“Speaking sincerely and proactively leads to better decisions.

We are optimizers

Underlying value:

Our motto:
“Value lies at the intersection of a clear vision, a strategic objective, and excellent resource management.

We are troopers

Underlying value:

Our motto:
“The journey is just as important as the destination so let’s be open and keep smiling.

The Team /

The people that want your success and will be dedicated to it.

Managing Director

Benjamin Beauregard

Production Manager

Jacynthe Bouchard

Creative Director // Lead Animator

Martin Bédard

Post Production Manager

Genseric Boyle-Poirier

Marketing and Partnership Manager

Stephane Remy

Creative Marketing Strategist

Vincent Beaupré

Animator // Designer

Estelle Frechette

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Benjamin Beauregard - CEO Divison X
Benjamin Beauregard

General Director